Love Cap on the Cover of the Memphis Flyer





This weeks edition of the Memphis Flyer features a story on homelessness in Memphis.  The news is not good- on any given day there are 1,800 homeless people  in Memphis, and area shelters are reporting an increase in the number they serve.  

It was the title of the story, “No Place to Call Home”, that caught my eye.  But  a split second later I noticed the yellow LOVE CAP on the man’s head. Our crocheters will easily recognize the basic Love Cap crochet pattern.

There is no information on this man in the story.  We will never know his circumstances or exactly how he came to have this cap.  But this photo shows that someone helped him get a coat, some coffee and a sandwich, and that he has a warm cap in this cold weather because of the work that you do.

If you have ever doubted that your caps make a difference, maybe this magazine cover will change your mind.


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MIFA wishes you all a happy holiday season and a blessed 2009!

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Festival of Trees Update

The tree is decorated and looks great! I can’t wait for you all to see it.

I picked up a bag of ornaments made by members of the Memphis Knitting Guild.  There were tiny mittens and hats 

and a variety of other ornaments including a little sock and beaded tree.

A box of 50 ornaments arrived at the last minute from my sister in Florida! There was no time for a photograph before they went on the tree, but here are a few already in place.

This is at the base of the tree

And here is the tree topper!

To see the tree in all its glory, visit the Festival of Trees from November 22 through December 31, 2008. More information will be available soon at the Pink Palace website.   Thank you all for coming through at the last minute.  You can be proud of the way you are representing MIFA, the Love Cap program, and most of all, your talented selves!



Hobby Lobby has several of it’s novelty yarns on sale.  

Hancock Fabrics continues to offer 20% off all Lion Brand Yarn through the 22nd, followed by 20% off all yarn and accessories from November 23rd – December 6.

Still no word about the new Joann’s.

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New ornaments

Yarn scrap bags all over town must be emptying out fast. Just look at these new ornaments we picked up this week!

April rounded up some Christmas balls (har har)

Keenon made these adorable caps

Susie ventured to Midtown from waaay out east to deliver pretty sock yarn balls

I picked some felted pears

And Christiana whipped out a two strings of Christmas lights! April made the i-cord and I helped her stitch the lights on.

This tree is going to rock the festival! I’m off in a few to get started on it. We are expecting more ornaments today or tomorrow so stay tuned for new pics.

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Ornament Update

I am happy to report that our ornament situation is improving daily.  Several people jumped right in and we have new ornaments with more expected very shortly.  I will begin decorating the tree on Thursday, November 14th so be sure to get your ornaments to me this week.

Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day to turn in ornaments at MIFA.  You can also catch me at the Memphis Knit Mafia on Tuesday night at Cafe Eclectic* and the Memphis SnB on Thursday evening at Davis-Kidd Booksellers**. If none of this works for you, e-mail me asap and we’ll work something out.

Take a look at what we have so far.  This group was turned in at the Love Cap Party.  Aren’t those tiny yarn baskets amazing?


Christiana made these festive balls out of her extensive scrap yarn collection.  I really like the one with the ends on the outside.


We also have gorgeous thread crochet snowflakes from Lynda, sparkly snowflakes from Gwen and an impeccably embroidered stocking by Susan.


And finally some yarn balls and knitting needles for a little added color.

I’ll post more pictures as the ornaments come in.


The Michael’s ad did not make it into my paper this week, but they have a major yarn sale going on! Check it out here

Hobby Lobby has a new line of yarn called “I Love This Yarn”. It is acrylic and comes in very nice colors. The worsted is at everyday low price and sport weight is on sale this week along with “I Love This Cotton” and “I Love This Wool”. I have not used this yarn, but have handled it and found that the acrylic is softer on the skein than Red Heart. Another shopper in the yarn aisle was loading a cart full of worsted acrylic and said it was her favorite.

Hancock Fabrics has all Lion Brand Yarn marked down 20% through November 22.

There is still no word about the date for the opening of the new Joann’s Fabric and Craft Superstore on Winchester at Bill Morris Parkway. If anyone knows anything, please report!

*Cafe Eclectic is at 603 N McLean Blvd, one block north of North Parkway and Snowden School. Knitting usually starts about 6:30 but I will be rolling in from a PTA meeting a little later. The knitters will be on the sofas in the second room and you may leave ornaments with them if I have not yet arrived.

*Davis-Kidd Booksellers is at 387 Perkins Extended in the Laurelwood Shopping Center. Group meets on the sofa in the Vera Bradley area at 6:30.

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Get Your Mitzvah On!

I spent Sunday morning at Temple Israel’s Mitzvah Day. Mitzvah is a word used in Judaism to refer to the 613 commandments given in the Torah and the seven rabbinic commandments instituted later for a total of 620. The term mitzvah has also come to express any act of human kindness.


The place was a beehive of activity with folks making cookies, sandwiches, no-sew blankets and kits of all kinds for area agencies such as MIFA.  Others were off-site painting, landscaping, distributing, visiting and performing acts of human kindness all over the city. Some were even whipping up homemade dog biscuits for needy canines at the animal shelter. The whole operation is extremely well-organized and attracts people of all ages and abilities.


I enjoyed a few hours of knitting with the Temple Love Cap knitters and crocheters. (Don’t you wish you had a job that required going around town and knitting with people?) These ladies are an emerging force to be reckoned with in the Love Cap program, taking third place in the cap division this year.


Here are the awesome Temple knitters enjoying a productive morning


Hmmm I wonder what fascinating thing Anita has spotted off the side?


In addition to Love Caps, these ladies also make the most adorable teddy bears for the Mother Bear Project. Take a look at some of their creations



In another part of the building, a team was assembling and decorating birthday goodie bags for recipients of Home-Delivered meals.  

All those who receive MIFA meals get an extra treat on their birthdays. For some recipients, this is the the only gift or acknowledgement of their special day. People of all ages enjoy making birthday goodie bags and it has even been an activity at kids’ birthday parties. For instructions about how to assemble bags, contact MIFA’s Volunteer Coordinator Charlie Nelson at 529-4514 or

Thanks to the members of Temple Israel for your service to MIFA and to our community!

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Party Pics!

As promised, here is a big post with highlights of 18th annual Love Cap Celebration and ingathering.   Every year I get nervous that no one will show up, but you always do!  We had a crowd of about 65.

We worked on projects


We celebrated MIFA’s 40th anniversary


We had a trivia quiz show with Team Crochet emerging victorious over Team Knit



We gave away a lot of door prizes and yarn….


And collected just under 2600 caps, lap robes and other handmade items!

Everyone had a great time


Groups from Luther Towers, Woodland Presbyterian Church and Temple Israel were our top cap producers while Plough Towers turned in the most lap robes.  More caps have been delivered to MIFA since this event, so stay tuned for updated totals and a complete list of our top producers.


Thanks to Ann Fain, BJ Massengill and Gwenice McLaughlin for providing refreshments, to William and Max for carrying heavy bags full of caps, to the Church of the Holy Communion for sharing their lovely fellowship hall with us, to Christiana, Lynsey and April for hosting the trivia quiz show, to Leah for help setting up tables, to MIFA employees Sally and Linda for their greeting and photography skills, and to all who helped pack up and clean up afterwards.  We also thank those who donated yarn and door prizes.

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